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Probecom can supply 11 meter Satellite receive only antenna meet data receive and TV requirement.Probecom RXO antenna is made of high accuracy stretch-formed aluminum panel with stable structure.

The RXO antenna systems with satisfactory performance of high gain, low side lobe and reliable operation,easy to operate and maintenance.

Probecom also have the capability of customize even large-sized antenna, such as the 11M,13M,16M Receive Only Antennas.

Customized 11M Receive Only Antenna Highlights:

Combination of Rx.Only antennas, circular/linear polarization switchable.

Customize types of antenna receive port amount.

King-post pedestal and Rotation pedestal as option.

Detailed 11M Receive Only Antenna Description:

High Accuracy Stretch-formed Aluminum Panel

Meet data receive and TV receive requirement

C-band antenna, ku-band antenna, ka-band antenna,S-band antenna,L-band frequency antenna as option

Linear or Circular Polarized feed system as option;

Single/Dual Polarization as option

Manual/Motorized as option

High Erosion Resistance

Assembled and tested feed system before leaving factory;

Survival Wind Speed 125mph