Probides high quality 1.8meter to 16M earth station antenna


    3.7meter C/Ku band earth station antenna,4.5meter Ka band earth station antenna, 6.2meter C/Ku/Ka/DBS band earth station antenna,7.3meter C/Ku/Ka/DBS band earth station antenna,9.0meter C/Ku/Ka/DBS band earth station antenna


    0.75m manual carbon fiber flyaway antenna, 1.0m auto-tracking carbon fiber flyaway antenna, 1.2m manual carbon fiber flyaway antenna


Earth Station antenna.TVRO.Flyaway antenna. Ka band antenna.SNG.Radars.

Earth Station Antenna

Probecom Specialized on providing high quality earth station antenna, size is mainly from 1.8m to 16m in C band, Ku band, DBS band, etc. Large size antenna is quite popular, esp 6,2m 7.3m and 9 meter.

Flyaway antenna

Probecom has different material flyaway antennas, carbon fiber and fiber glass, size from 0.55m to 2.4m on C band, Ku band and ka band, clients could choose manual or motorized one.

Receive only antenna

Receive only antenna, Rx only antenna, TVRO

Ka band antenna

Ka band offset VSAT series antennas adopt advanced surface treatment technology, which makes the antennas have the advantages of corrosion resistance and long lifetime.

SNG antenna

Offset feed SNG antenna for C/Ku-band

Microwave Components

Antenna Microwave components, use together with antennas, includes Rectangular Wave guide, diplexer, etc

About us

Shaanxi Probecom Microwave Technology Co., Ltd (abbreviated as Probecom), was founded in 2002, located in the Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone in Xi’an, that mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of all types of satellite communication earth station antenna, VSAT antenna, Ka series antenna, portable flyaway antenna, RxO/TVRO antenna, SNG antenna, On-the-Move antenna, microwave components as well as the related antenna control & tracking system.

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Classic Projects

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Probecom 11.3M Earth station antenna


Probecom 11.3m Ring focus C/Ku Band antenna adopts high effective corrugated horn feed system, which has the ability of searching easily and receiving accurately within the stipulated operation freque  ...

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Probecom 3.7M antenna project for an antenna farm in France


More than 8 units probecom 3.7m satellite antennas and 4.5M earth station antennas have been installed at one French antenna farm. Probecom 3.7 Meter Ku band/C band/DBS band Earth Station Antenna prov  ...

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2 units 7.3 meter satellite communication antenna and 1 unit 6.2M earth station antenna installed in Africa


3 units Probecom large size earth station antenna(2 units 7.3meter Rx/Tx satellite communication antenna, 6.2M VSAT dish) are installed in Africa. The probecom 7.3 meter antenna delivers exceptional p  ...

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