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Probecom 11.3m Ring focus C/Ku Band antenna adopts high effective corrugated horn feed system, which has the ability of searching easily and receiving accurately within the stipulated operation frequency.


(1) The main reflector adopts the advanced CAD technical design, which makes the antenna get high effective, low noise and low side lobe.

(2) The panels’ blocking of the main reflector is small, easy to adjust, and the single panel has high accuracy, so that the reflector has high accuracy after adjustment.

(3) The feed horn is the high effective corrugated horn, which has wide bandwidth, good lobe equalization and high pure polarization.

(4) The antenna has high reliability and anti poor environment ability.

(5) The antenna uses truss-type antenna Azimuth, Elevation axis AC frequency converter servo system, which is easy for fast work.

(6) The design is more humane, and the operation is more convenient.