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2 Units Probecom 2.4M Ku band motorized earth station antenna were installed in Paris.

2 unités Une antenne de station terrienne motorisée Probecom 2.4M en bande Ku a été installée à Paris.

Highlighted Features:

*Meets CCIR 580 and INTELSAT Requirements

*Precisely adjusted before leaving factory, and no need theodolite to adjust the panel accuracy;

*High precision alloy aluminum main reflector.

*Hot spray galvanized with white paint

*CP/LP switchable feed

*High RF performance

*Galvanized stainless steel hardware

*Different frequency ranges from many feed configurations

*Ka band antenna with rotary pedestal is available

A large hub for install RF equipments

*Multi-layer anti-corrosion treatment.


*L,S, X ,Ka bands and multi-bands

*Customer feed system design

*800MHz Extended C band is available

*Full motion antenna

*Feed blower or deicing sub-systerm with automatic controls

*Two or four Tx/Rx port in linear or circular polarized feeds

*Antenna control system with tracking

ODU Support Kits

*Increase the surface spray zinc thickness along seaside.