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Probecom Technologies designs, fabricates, and electrically tests waveguide filters and diplexers from 1-40 Ghz for the commercial, military .
A full array of standard filters and diplexers is available for the various commercial and military frequency bands. Many are “off the shelf products”. Custom designed filters and diplexers for specific customer applications are available.

Operating Frequency, GHz TX RX
6.725-7.025 4.5-4.8
Polarization Circular Circular
VSWR 1.25:1 1.25:1
Axial Ratio 1.06:1 1.06:1
Insertion Loss, dB ≤0.3dB ≤0.35dB
Interface CPR137F CPR229F
Power Handing, KW 1  
Isolation, Tx to Rx, dB ≥85dB
Tx to Tx, dB ≥20dB
Rx to Rx, dB ≥20dB
Standard and Option
Pressurization No or Customized
Material Copper or Customized
Exterior White paint or Customized