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Earth station antenna Pre-install and test before delivery

In order to provide clients quality guaranteed satellite antenna, Probecom insists to pre-install and test each unit antenna as far as possible before delivery.

Probecom products encompass the design, development, and manufacture of satellite communication antennas for domestic and international applications. We specialize in providing high quality, cost-effective antennas for both the Transmit and receive (Tx./Rx.) and receive-only applications.

Probecom 3.7 Meter and 4.5meter Ku band/C band/DBS band Earth Station Antenna provides high gain and exceptional characteristics.

The Earth Station Antenna (ESA) systems are available for a wide range of applications in broadcasting and telecommunication. This ESA provides our clients supreme flexibility and electrical performance, cost-effective and reliable packages. All panels are pre-mounted on frames for easy installation.Two different material reflectors are avilabe, Aluminum antenna reflector or Fiber glass one.

The antenna can be configured according to clinets wishes with the choice of linear or circular– polarized 2- or 4- port combining networks. As your satellite communication requirements develop, adaptability is provided at the moment of purchase as well as in the future.