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Probecom standard C band linear diplexer is a mass produced microwave component it is precisely machined with close tolerance and fine in consistency.

This is only a typical example of Probecom microwave component , a range of diplexers can be machined and supplied from probecom either in mass production or individual needs,click each item for more details: C band, Ku band, DBS band, Ka band, X band, Dual bands, Tri bands.

Advantages of probecom microwave components lie in:

  • Precision machining ensures production dimension tolerances are close to each other and keeps production fine in consistency.
  • High quality and competitive price.
  • Always keep a safety stock, once PO is cut, shipment can be send out in real time.
  • Real time global delivery in 4 working days
  • Sincere pre-sales & after sales service.

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