1.2meter Ka band manual flyaway antenna delivery in time


Recently, Probecom delivered a set of 1.2m Ka band manual flyaway antenna to the customer on schedule. The newly designed and manufactured carbon fiber potable antenna has a selection range of 0.75m,   ...

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Prbecom SNG and Flyaway antenna delivered on time


Probecom 1.5m C band SNG and C band 1.8 meter auto tracking flyaway delivered on time. Both sets of antennas are made of carbon fiber, well-made and reliable in performance. Congratulations on the suc  ...

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Probecom 6.2m antenna successfully installed in Morocco


Probecom 6.2m Ku band 2 ports earth station antenna finished installation in Morocco, and accept Eutelsat test and approve successfully. The 6.2m antenna delivers exceptional performance for transmit/  ...

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Probecom 4.5m Insat C band earth station antenna in Bangladesh


Probecom 4.5m Insat C band earth station antenna was successfully installed on the roof of Bangladesh TV stations. This antenna will work with BS-1 to provide more brand new services and programs. Tha  ...

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Probecom Low Earth Orbit (LEO) antennas


Probecom Low Earth Orbit (LEO) antennas are precision engineered to be intrinsically reliable and low-maintenance, provide stable, high throughput links to LEO and MEO constellations. Designed to work  ...

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Probecom completes installation of C band systems of 3.7/4.5m antenna with Terrasat’s 400W IBUC G for African football


Shaanxi Probecom Microwave Technology Co. Ltd. (Probecom), a key systems integrator of large and mobile satellite antenna systems and Terrasat Communications Inc, the leader in intelligent BUC innovat  ...

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Probecom 4.5M antenna in Indonesia


Lately, Probecom 4.5meter Ku band antennas was installed in indonesia, work together with Terresat BUC, the performance was higly satisfied. The probecom 4.5-meter antenna delivers exceptional perform  ...

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Probecom 2.4M motorized antenna in Paris


2 Units Probecom 2.4M Ku band motorized earth station antenna were installed in Paris. 2 unités Une antenne de station terrienne motorisée Probecom 2.4M en bande Ku a été installée à Paris. Highlighte  ...

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Probecom 11.3M Earth station antenna


Probecom 11.3m Ring focus C/Ku Band antenna adopts high effective corrugated horn feed system, which has the ability of searching easily and receiving accurately within the stipulated operation freque  ...

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Probecom 3.7M antenna project for an antenna farm in France


More than 8 units probecom 3.7m satellite antennas and 4.5M earth station antennas have been installed at one French antenna farm. Probecom 3.7 Meter Ku band/C band/DBS band Earth Station Antenna prov  ...

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2 units 7.3 meter satellite communication antenna and 1 unit 6.2M earth station antenna installed in Africa


3 units Probecom large size earth station antenna(2 units 7.3meter Rx/Tx satellite communication antenna, 6.2M VSAT dish) are installed in Africa. The probecom 7.3 meter antenna delivers exceptional p  ...

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Integrated Flyaway antenna System Solution


Probecom Provides African clients an integrated solution on Flyaway antenna system The system includes: Probecom made 1.8m manual Tx/Rx Ku band carbon fiber flyaway antenna. Terresat Extended Ku Band   ...

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