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Comprehensive meteorological observation system is consisted by meteorological observation system, alert prediction system, meteorological maintaining system and meteorological information service. Meteorological observation system is designed for obtaining all-weather elements information, including automatic meteorological station, high-altitude meteorological station, weather radar, wind profiler radar, lightning location device, ground-based GPS/MET,

meteorological satellite receiver. Alert prediction system adopt numerical simulation to provide numerical weather prediction, including short-time, short-term and middle-term weather prediction. Meteorological maintaining system is to secure the normal operation of meteorological observation system, covering the maintenance of observation instruments and information system, and the secure of man-power resource. Meteorological information service system is a comprehensive platform for exchanging, storing, releasing and visualizing display meteorological information, and managing the communication, storage and share of meteorological information


Consists meteorological observation, numerical weather prediction, meteorological information transferring and sharing

service, provide meteorological turnkey project for users.

Integrate ground-based, air-borne and space-borne meteorological observation instrument, obtaining all-type of

meteorological observation data.

The storage and share of meteorological information is in accordance with the WMO standards.

upgrade the public meteorological service quality of users.

Enhance the capabilities of avoiding or lowing the damage of meteorological disasters, reduce the casualties or

properties loses caused by meteorological disasters.