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The mono-pulse angle measurement mode is adopted in this digital radio-theodolite system. Through tracking the radiosonde carried and raised up in the air by the balloon, the system can measure the temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure at different layers of atmosphere up to 30km altitude, and calculate the wind direction &wind speed values at different atmospheric layers. Therefore, the system can provide precise meteorological information of upper air for weather forecasting, meteorological analyses and supports.

Operating frequency L band
Antenna form Planar array monopulse antenna
Detection range Slant distance: ≥200km
Altitude: ≥30km
Azimuth: 0°~360°
Elevation: 8°~87°
Temperature: -90 ~ +50
Pressure: 1060hPa ~ 5hPa
Humidity: 0~ 100%RH
Wind direction: 0°~360°
Detection accuracy Angular tracking error: 0.11° in elevation, 0.07° in azimuth
Wind direction: 5° (wind speed≥25m/s), 10° (wind speed<25m/s)
Wind speed: 1m/s (Wind speed <10m/s),10%(wind speed> 10m/s)
Temperature: 0.5
Humidity:5%RH(atmospheric pressure>300hPa),7%RH(atmospheric pressure < 300hPa)
Pressure: 1.0hPa (atmospheric pressure < 200hPa), 1.5hPa (atmospheric pressure≥200hPa)