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75cm Carbon flyaway antenna

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Probecom Manual flyaway antenna with a select range of 0.75m, 1.0m, and 1.2m series. Antenna adopts with splash plate form, which improves antenna reflection efficiency and achieve antenna better sidelobe in EHF band. Antenna reflector material use carbon fiber material with specially designed processing and surface treatment technology, which improve reflector surface accuracy (RMS with 0.2mm) and compressive strength,

meet with Ka band conductivity. Compact design make antenna with light weight, easy portable and ease operate.

Highlight Features

  • Carbon fiber antenna reflector with light weight, high precision and high efficiency, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, it ensured the antenna in the normal operation under harsh environment in greatest degree.
  • Compact structure, Lightweight, portable, rapid deployment, high performance, a person can install and point to satellite within 5 minutes, available in airline baggage.
  • Quick feed swap and simplified polarization selection
  • The latest design of the EHF-band satellite antenna, being compact and robust, cost-effective can be used in the fast and reliable satellite communications.
  • Designed specifically for field use, regardless of when and where, it can quickly transfer high-quality broadband content.