30W SSPA 26.5-40G

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1    Ultra-wideband doubled frequency CW SSPA

② High frequency linear communication SSPA

  • Pulse system SSPA
  • Ka band KW PW / CW SSPA ⑤ Q band 1~400 W CW SSPA

⑥ Ultra-wideband doubled frequency traveling wave tube driver MPM ⑦ Phased array Tx/Rx components

⑧ V~W band SSPA

⑨THZ frequency conversion, frequency doubling and amplifying module

High performance, high power, high efficiency, light weight, miniaturization and easy to use are the characteristics of our products, standardization and serialization are our goal.

26.5-40G 30W

Application: indoor test instruments (-40~+50°C)

Service life:    ≥15 years

Saturation output power:  ≥46dBm

Power gain:  ≥50d B

Small-signal gain:  ≥65dB

Overall efficiency:  ≥12%

Operating system: CW / PW