3.7m TVRO antenna

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Probecom supplies Satellite receive only antenna meet data receive and TV requirement. Probecom RXO antenna is made of high accuracy stretch-formed aluminum panel with stable structure. The RXO antenna systems with satisfactory performance of high gain, low side lobe and reliable operation, easy to operate and maintenance.

Same model of 3 meter Rx only antenna and 3.5 meter TVRO antenna is available too.

High Accuracy Stretch-formed Aluminum Panel

Meet data receive and TV receive requirement

C-band, Ku-band, ka-band,S-band, L-band frequency as option

Feed system/LBNF as option

Linear or Circular Polarized feed system as option

Single/Dual Polarization as option

Manual/Motorized as option

High Erosion Resistance

Survival Wind Speed 125mph