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SSPA Feature

Output power range:10W~600W

High linearity

Remote control via RS485/422 or Ethernet                                                                                                                         

Forward and reverse power detection                   

Output sampling

Protection against thermal run-away

Integrated band filter                                

Products can be used outdoors             


  1:1 or 1:2 Redundant Configuration

  Adopted phase synthesis system for higher power input

  L band input(SSPB/BUC type)

  Harmonic filter

Product description:

Ka-Band solid state power amplifier can be used in satellite communication ground station, data link, measurement and control, electronic warfare and other fields. It also can be used as a single component, or adopted phase synthesis to obtain higher output power to replace the traveling wave tube amplifier. Product frequency coverage from 27.5Ghz to 31Ghz, the output power range from 10W to 600W. The product is suitable for ground, vehicle, carrier, airborne, etc.


Product Feature

The series of solid state power amplifier products integrated monitoring system, power supply system and cooling system. Built in monitoring system to provide forward / echo output power detection, temperature detection, remote switch machine, over temperature protection, VSWR protection, real-time monitoring of power amplifier voltage and current function. The monitoring system is communicated with the terminal computer through the serial port RS485/422/LNA, and all the test data are displayed on the computer terminal in real time.

The high power amplifier series products can replace a hundred watt traveling wave tube (TWTA) to solve the localization problem.

The output power can be customized according to customer requirements, continuous wave output power up to 1KW, the need for higher output power, greater bandwidth please kindly contact us.