LEO 4.2m Ka Antenna Datasheet(17.7-21.2,27.5-31)

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PR42KaR2 model 4.2m antenna is designed for Ka-band, S-band, C-band, Ku-band, X- band LEO satellite communication. The antenna is in the form of dual shaped Ring-focus antenna. The main reflector is stretch-formed aluminum panel divided into 12 panels. It has high accuracy, low weight and high temperature stability. The feed is corrugated horn feed with high antenna efficiency. The antenna pedestal is full motion X/Y type. Both axes uses large gear transmission, it has high structural rigidity, high pointing accuracy and cost effective.

a) Automatic pointing to satellite: The antenna controller can reserve the local site latitude and longitude data and parameters of 10 commonly used satellites. Users can select the satellite through manual. Antenna controller can automatically calculate azimuth, elevation angle, and drive the antenna pointing to selected satellite automatically.

b) Manual operation: Can manually operate and control the antenna Az/El rotation through buttons.

c) Quick-stop control: Through the keyboard control antenna in continuous movement and quick-stop movement, can also achieve stepless speed change in movement.

d) Command position: Control antenna pointing through input the azimuth and elevation angle command.

e) Automatic search: Connect to tracking beacon receiver, can automatically search the satellite in sector scan.

f) Automatic tracking: Connect to tracking beacon receiver, enabling intelligent automatic step tracking.

g) Antenna controller real-time display of the current position and limit switches status.

h) Can be connected via a network interface or RS-232 serial interface with system monitoring computer, monitors the parameter configuration of antenna system, control and equipment status.