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Technical Support

  • Probecom Introduces 6.2M Earth station antennas system

    Probecom 6.2m C/Ku-band Earth Station Antenna (Model C62T/K62T) with Tx./Rx. 2-port or Tx/Rx. 4-port feed in switchable circular/linear polarization which can offer superior Tx./Rx. performance. C62T/K62T 6.2M antenna reflector incorporates stretch-formed doubly contoured panels with…

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  • Probecom introduction 3.0M VSAT Antennas System with excellent performance

    Probecom introduction for 3.0M VSAT antennas system Probecom Microwave Technology Ltd is a global leader in communication equipment and systems.has introduced a 3.0 meter VSAT Earth station antenna system that is serving communications networks worldwide.…

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  • Maintenance of the HardWares from Probecom

    It is important to pay much attention to the check and maintenance of the hardwares, for the Probecom Earth station antenna system composed of several large parts is assembled together by a lot of bolts.…

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  • The Maintenance of the feed system from Probecom

    Check regularly whether the horn cover is damaged. If it is broken, replace it in time in order to prevent the feed system performance may have degraded. A method is recommended to remove water in…

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  • Maintenance of Surface Coating from Probecom

    The components or parts exposed in the air should be coated for protection, Both Zinc yellow priming paint and surface paint are protectively coated after the chemical process is used for all  aluminium parts. Zinc-plating is…

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  • Probecom 1.2M Ku band Offset Flyaway antenna system

    1.General The antenna is Single offset parabolic antenna,the structure feature: reflcetor is formed by six panels,it is connect with rapid buckle to avoid inconvenience of bringing the erecting tools and fastening the bolts; the feed…

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  • Probex 0.55M Carbon Flyaway Antenna System

    Probecom can supply 0.55m flyaway antenna,0.75m flyaway antenna,1.0m flyaway antenna,1.2m flyaway antenna(carbon fiber,aluminum,fiber glass),1.2m auto tracking flyaway antenna,1.2m flyaway antenna ku band aluminum Probecom 0.55M Flyaway antenna Portable Satellite Communications Antenna System Applications:Sudden public events…

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