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Know Probecom

By: probeadmin On: April 3, 2017

Shaanxi Probecom Microwave Technology Co., Ltd (abbreviated as Probecom), was founded in 2002, located in the Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone in Xi’an, that mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of all types of satellite communication earth station antenna, VSAT antenna, Ka series antenna, portable flyaway antenna, RxO/TVRO antenna, SNG antenna,  On-the-Move antenna, microwave components as well as the related antenna control & tracking system.

Covering 15,000 square meters, staffed with 200 workers , among which 30 experienced engineer dedicated in research and development. With ISO9001 Quality Guarantee Certificate, Probecom always consists of conducting strict quality control and management system…

Probecom is renowned as the top leading satellite antenna designer and manufacturer of variety of satellite based broadband VSAT, broadcast and defense communication network solution with superior technical, engineering and service expertise. We have a selected range of antenna in the frequency bands, such as, C-Band, Ku-Band, DBS-Band, Ka-Band, X-Band, L-Band, S-Band, dual bands, tri-bands and other multi-bands. Probecom also specialize in producing customized antennas in larger size such as 11.3m, 13m, 16m, 18.5m and some special diameters in dual-band and tri-bands, like C & Ku Band, X & Ka Band, C & Ku & X-bands, L &S & X bands and so on.

Probecom Best Selling Products: 6.2m Ku band motorized earth station antenna, 1.2m Ku band Carbon Fiber Flyaway antenna.

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